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Homebrew Beer with Author George Hummel

09/25/2017 07:00 PM ET


  • $20.00


310 East Green Street
Westminster, MD


Kickoff Carroll County Beer Week with Author/Homebrewer George Hummel

$20 includes copy of The Complete Homebrew Beer Book

Tickets available for sale at event.

Learn more about Carroll County Beer Week here.










About The Complete Homebrew Beer Book

Making beer at home is as easy as making soup! George Hummel smoothly guides the reader through the process of creating a base to which the homebrewer can apply a myriad of intriguing flavorings, such as fruits, spices and even smoke. There are also outstanding and easy recipes for delicious meads, tasty ciders and great sodas -- all of which can be made in a home kitchen and with minimal equipment.

Using Hummel's easy-to-follow instructions and thorough analysis of the flavor components of beer, a novice homebrewer can design recipes and make beers to suit any taste or craving. Knowing exactly what's in a beer has additional benefits -- homebrewers can easily avoid the chemical additives traditionally found in mass-produced commercial beers. As an added bonus, the recipes are categorized according to their degree of difficulty, so new brewers can find the recipes that match their comfort level and then easily progress onto new skills.

These 200 tantalizing beer recipes draw their inspiration from the Americas and around the world. They include:

Irish amber
American/Texas brown
California blonde
Bavarian hefeweizen
Multi-grain stout
Imperial pilsner
Pre-Prohibition lager
Golden ale
Scottish 60 shilling
Belgium dubble
German bock
Raspberry weizen
Vanilla cream stout
Flemish red & brown
Standard dry sparkling mead

There is also a comprehensive glossary that virtually guarantees readers will find answers to every question about ingredients and equipment. Packed with practical advice and effectively designed, The Complete Homebrew Beer Book is like having a personal brewmaster overseeing and guiding each creation.

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